MH-500D Pocket D-Type Leeb Hardness Tester

Model   MH-500D
Code#   852-156D
Accuracy   ±0.5% @ HL=800 / ±4HL
Warranty   15-month
Delivery Time   15-day
Standard   Conforming to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T 17394-1998



◆ New Leeb hardness tester MH-500 with durable metal housing .

◆ It still used our patent dual-coil technology which makes it to have extraordinary accuracy:+/-4HL with high contrast colour TFT display and durable metal housing.

◆ It has a moving bar-graph display which can evaluate the workpiece upon deviation value by different colort for easy visual distinguish.

◆ It can download measuring data to PC and printout to mecro-printer by USB port and wirelessly with internal wireless module.

◆ The battery can be charged simply from USB port , also it has a customer re-calibration and statistics function.

Product Feature

◆ Integrated design , easy operation

◆ Durable metal housing

◆ TFT320*320 colour display

◆ Wide operation environment : -20ºC-70ºC

◆ High accuracy:+/-4HL (or 0.5% @HL800)

◆ Auto compensate error for different impact direction

◆ Moving bar-graph display

◆ Two evaluation modes: By limit / Deviation

◆ Two Calibration modes:Coincident / Independent

◆ Multi-printing mode

◆ Four display styles

◆ Sound reminder

◆ Up to 10 kinds of menu language

◆ D probe

◆ It can connect to computer by USB or Bluetooth

◆ USB and Bluetooth interface, it can connect micro-printer wirelessly

◆ 3.7 V Li-ion rechargeable battery, it can be charged by USB or power source

◆ Statistics value can be calculated automatically

◆ With strength conversion value

◆ Power on / off automatically or manually

◆ Packed in rigid carrying case


Product Name Pocket D-Type Leeb Hardness Tester
Model MH-500D
Code# 852-156D
Accuracy ±0.5% @ HL=800 / ±4HL
Display High contrast color TFT 320*320
Hardness scale HL / HRC / HRB / HB / HV / HS / HRA /σb
Measuring range HL100~960 / HRC0.9-~79.2 / HRB1.2~140/ HB1~1878/   HV1~1698 / HS0.5~128/ HRA7~88.5 / σb(rm)24~6599N/mm2
Probe D probe
Materials and curves 11 common metal materials, 75 curves
Memory 30/60 files on request, 100 data for each file,   can be saved and re-readable
Statistics function Average /Max. /Min. /Single Value
Re-calibration Coincident /Independent
Indicator Low battery
Language English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, Italian, German, Turkish,   Spanish
Interface USB/Bluetooth to PC for transferring data, wireless printing, USB for   charging
Power on/off Auto/Manual
Power supply 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
Working environment -20°c~+70°c
Dimension (mm) 148*44*22
Net weight (g) 115
Standards Conforming to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T   17394-1998
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