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We, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited is one of China authorized hi-tech manufacturer of metrology instrument verified by ISO9001:2015, we are focusing to research, develop, manufacture and export the optical measurement instruments and hardness testing machines since year 2006. We have already delivered and installed more than 10,000pcs of instruments to more than 5000 customers in more than 60 countries and regions, more and more international famous manufacturers choose us as the qualified supplier of quality control machines, and our service engineers have already visited USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Viet Nam, Singapore, Austria, India to install our instruments at customers’ site.

In the past 12 years, we concentrate ourselves to manufacture the instrument of quality control and never change our business field. We improve the quality and accuracy every year, up to now, it is 1.4+L/200um about the accuracy of our AutoVision vision measuring machine and it is 0.5HRC about the accuracy our iRock Rockwell hardness tester. Because the high quality of ultrasonic hardness tester SU-300 family, the national standard organizations SAC/TC 183 had invited us to make China national standard, the new standard: GB/T34205-2017 and JJF14306-2013 make more customers choose this NDT method: UCI to control the hardness of products.

As a manufacturer of quality control instruments, it is very important on own quality control system. In order to supply the stable quality products, we spent a lot of time and investment for staff training and quality system establishment and improvement every year, we also invest a lot of money to equip the international brand new coordinate measuring machines, roughness testers, humidity and temperature chambers, laser machines, glass scales, gauges and blocks for our own quality control. At the same time, Sinowon has been verified by ISO9001 quality management organizations every year, and our products have been issued by CE certificate for European market and Gost certificate for Russian market.

The industry 4.0 is coming, we have already been ready for the challenge. Your request of precision is our mission forever, and we will supply the timely and warm-heart support and service as usual.

Let us work together, success together.

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Marshall Zheng Chunping

Managing Director

Nov. 15, 2018


We Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited devote ourselves to material testing with quality from start to finish.


In year 2006, Sinowon Guizhou was established by Mr. Marshall Zheng Chunping, who is the founder and managing director of Sinwon group till now.


In year 2008, Sinowon became one of major exporters of optical measuring machines and hardness testing instruments in China.


In year 2009, Sinowon management decided to move the headquarter from Guiyang to DongGuan to catch more the business opportunity.


In year 2010, Sinowon Dong Guan headquarter and R&D center was established in Nancheng, DongGuan, Guangdong, the new vision is to become a high-quality manufacturer and leader at the field of metrology.


In year 2013, Sinowon first generation of ultrasonic hardness tester SU-100 had been produced and promoted in the market, the series of UCI durometershave been sold more than 1000-unit up to now.


In year 2014, Sinowon started to produce the new generation of vision measuring machine IVS, AutoVision, MVS and IMS series, it had become the popular sales model with fashionable design, high accuracy, stable quality and affordable price.


In year 2015, Sinowon has been verified and issued the certificate of China High-tech Enterprise, which declares Sinowon had already become a qualified high-tech manufacturer in the metrology field.


In year 2016, Sinowon had held the first partner conference in the new headquarter office: DongGuan Tianan Cyber Park, over 30 China local distributors and suppliers became the copartners in Sinowon group.


In year 2017, it started to execute about China national standard of ultrasonic hardness tester GB/T 34205-2017 drafted by Sinowon and other state organizations.


In year 2018, it has been sold and installed over 10,000 sets of metrology instruments, and Sinowon service team has already visited more than 30 countries and regions to install the machines and make the training for the customers.


All of our products get ISO:9001 certified, CE EU certification, widely used in machinery, mold, metal, rubber, , connectors, household appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, so on


If you want to solve any measurement problem, please feel free to contact Sinowon at any time.


Your request of precision about product is Sinowon mission to improve the accuracy of instrument.

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