Universal Autofocus Video Microscope VM-128

Model   VM-128
Code#   451-128
Warranty   12-month
Delivery Time   15-day
Certificate   CE


Product Applications:

Incoming inspection, production inspection, material research, PCB and SMT inspection and analysis, printing, textile inspection, biological autopsy, medical testing and other fields.

Product Feature

◆ The integrated design of autofocus and zoom, eliminating the need for time-consuming and laborious frequent focus adjustments;

◆ High working distance, large field of view, up to 28x zoom ratio;

◆ Equipped with a high-definition HDMI camera, directly connected to the monitor for taking pictures or videos;

◆ Cast iron base, rust and wear resistant metal column, aluminum alloy crossbar with rack and pinion telescopic adjustment;

◆ With universal support, expand the operating range, can be any direction to observe objects, three-dimensional sense of strong;

◆ 4K HD image quality with true color reproduction;

◆ USB output video resolution, supporting up to YUV 4K@20fps;

◆ Rich output interfaces and control interfaces, supporting multiple control interfaces such as mouse and keyboard;

◆ Equipped with adjustable dual fiber optic light source, independent control of light brightness;

◆ Optical magnification 1x~28x, digital magnification 1x~3x, support digital magnification.

Universal bracket for viewing in any direction

Imaging Effect


Commodity Universal Video Microscope
Model VM-128
Article Code # 451-128
Digital Magnification Zoom ratio 1x~28x
Optical Magnification 1x~3x
Camera Parameter Sensor Type Color CMOS
Effective Pixel 8 Million Pixel
Target Surface Size 1/2.8〞
Menu Full Digital UI Design
Display Frame Rate 4K@20fps/1080P@50fps
Scanning Method Line by Line Scanning
White Balance Manual / Automatic
Exposure Method Manual / Automatic
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/50s(1/60s)~1/10000s
Working Distance 10cm~∞
Menu Full Digital UI Design
Storage Method PC-USB
Working Power DC12V
Output Method USB/ Web Port /HDMI
Vertical Column Height 380mm
Diameter φ32mm
Horizontal Movement 235mm
Base 230x230x40mm
Dimension 490x230x430mm
Application Industry SMT, PCB, BGA etc.

Working distance to Zoom Ratio:

Magnification (zoom ratio) FOV100mm Working Distance FOV300mm Working Distance
1X 165mm*89mm 441mm*240mm
2X 97mm*54mm 227mm*128mm
3X 72mm*40mm 161mm*91mm
4X 60mm*34mm 126mm*71mm
5X 53mm*29mm 106mm*60mm
14X 23.4mm*13mm 46.6mm*26mm

Standard Configuration

Commodity Specification Commodity Specification Commodity Specification
Instrument mainframe VM-128 Power adapter DC12V Mouse Wireless

Optional Accessories

Commodity Code # Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
0.5X accessory objective lens 423*053 2X accessory objective lens 423*203 17”HD LCD 484-465
Double Fiber Optic Light Source SLG-20 413-228 Color CMOS camera 484-121 Certificate of Conformity / Warranty Card / Packing List / Manual VM-128
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Software Introduction

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