Zoom Stereo Microscope A5T

Model   Trinocular Zoom A5T
Code#   411-232
Warranty   12 month
Delivery Time   15-30days
Certificate   CE



◆ Metals

◆ Semiconductors-Glass

◆ Minerals

◆ Composites

◆ Soft Metals

◆ Plastics

◆ Pefractory Metals-General metals

◆ Geramics

Product Feature

◆ With  excellent optical design for enhancing reproduction and true color imaging of the specimen.

◆ With a zoom magnif cation range of 7X to approximately 45X and is deal for low magnif cation documentation of the metallographic specimens prior to polishing and grinding;

◆ It is also useful for measuring cracks, weld penetration depth and other topographical features.


Model Trinocular Zoom A5T
Code# 411-232
Objective 0.7x~4.5x Zoom Objective, Zoom Ration 6.4x
Eyepiece High eye-point and wide-field eyepiece WF10X/20mm

Optional WF15X/15mm,WF20X/10mm and object micrometer is available

Magnification 7x~45x, it can extend to 3.5x~180x
Zoom Driver Horizontal Axial Driver Control Knobs
Working Distance 100mm(effective distance),it can extend to 30mm~165mm
Microscope Head Binocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable
Interpupillary distance adjustment range 54~76mm with bilateral ±6 diopter
Microscope Holder Focus adjustment range 50mm,focusing knobs elasticity adjustable

Drawtube diameter 76mm

Microscope Stand Pillar diameter 32mm and high 240mm
Black & white working board diameter 95mm
Auxiliary Objective 0.5X/165mm,1.5X/45mm and 2X/30mm optional

Optical Specification

Eyepiece Main Body Auxiliary Objective
0.5X 1X 1.5X 2X
0.7x~4.5x (#416-312) (#416-322) (#416-332) (#416-342)


Total Magnification 3.5x~22.5x 7x~45x 10.5x~67.5x 14x~90x
Field of view 57.1~8.9mm 28.6~4.4mm 19~3mm 14.3~2.2mm


Total Magnification 5.25x~33.75x 10.5x~67.5x 15.75x~101.25x 21x~135x
Field of view 43.8~ 6.7mm 21.1~3.3mm 14.3~2.2mm 10.7~1.7mm


Total Magnification 7x~45x 14x~90x 21x~135x 28x~180x
Field of view 28.6~ 4.4mm 14.3~2.2mm 9.5~1.5mm 7.1~1.1mm
Working Distance(mm) 165 100 45 30

Optional Accessories

Description Specification
Stereo   Eyepieces SWH10X/23mm eyepiece

SWH15X/17mm eyepiece

SWH20X/14mm eyepiece

Eyepieces   with micrometer(with Divisions) SWH20XD/14mm eyepiece with divisions

SWH10XD/23mm eyepiece with division

SWH15XD/17mm eyepiece with divisions

Auxiliary   Objective 0.37X magnifying   objective
0.5X magnifying objective
0.7X magnifying objective
1.5X magnifying objective
2X magnifying objective
Camera   Adapter Camera Adapter 0.5X
Camera Adapter 1X
Digital USB Camera 200MPixel/500MPixel
Light   sources 4-Division LED Light source
Fiber optic light source   (150 W)
Mechanical   Stage Mechanical   stage with digital X-Y micrometer
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