Auto Focus Inspection & Measuring Video Microscope VM-500Plus

Model   VM-500Plus
Code#   451-450P
Warranty   12 month
Delivery Time   15-30days
Certificate   CE


Incoming inspection, production inspection, material research, PCB and SMT inspection analysis, printing, textile inspection, biological anatomy, medical testing and other fields.

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Product Feature

◆ Integral design, exquisite, fashion, generous;

◆ Built-in FULL HD sensor and VGA integrated camera, can directly connect with the monitor to realize video image and can also use SD card to take picture or record video, which integrate video observation and image storage;

◆ With high definition 0.7~4.5X parallel continue zoom lens, it is more convenient and fast to switch objective magnification;

◆ With adjustable LED surface reflection illumination, is able to control brightness independently;

◆ With 2 million pixel auto focus camera, no need to waste time for manual focus frequently.


Product Name Auto Focus Video Microscope
Model VM-500Plus
Code# 451-450
Electronic Magnification 32X~206X( VGA 4:3 21”Monitor;)
Optical Objective 0.7X~4.5X Horizontal Zoom Lens
Zoom ratio:6.5:1
0.5X C-mount Camera Adapter
Camera Parameters 2 million pixel (1920*1080)
Image Size:1/2.86”
Frames Per Second:30fps
Camera Function Auto Focus
Cross Line
Photograph and Video Record
Output: HDMI
White Balance; Brightness Control; Digital Noise Reduction
Illumination Surface: Adjustable LED Surface Illumination
Ring Fiber Illumination Optional
Microscope Stand Z-axis Travel: 100mm
Coarse Lifting System
Electrical Parameters AC90~240V;50~60HZ
Dimension 310*285*500 mm
Weight 6Kg


Product Name Specification
Microscope Main Body VM-500
Power Adapter DC5V(Camera)、DC12V(Illumination)
Monitor Optional 4:3 21.5”
Operation Manual/Warranty Card/Certificate/Packing list VM-500

Measurement Function

VM-500Plus can measure straight lines, angles, concentric circles, parallel lines, point- to -line distance,  point and line to concentric circles, diameter, circumference and area, length and width of retangle, and can caculate circumference and area. It can measure the polygon and caculate its area. All the corresponding measurement report can be output to U disk.

Field of View

Field of view (0.5X Camera Adapter)
0.7X 1X 2X 3X 4X 4.5X Remark
Length Width Diagonal Length Width Diagonal Length Width Diagonal Length Width Diagonal Length Width Diagonal Length Width Diagonal
Magnification 0.18X-1.12X Optional
25.29 22.86 34.09 17.70 16.00 23.86 8.85 8.00 11.93 5.90 5.33 7.95 4.43 4.00 5.97 3.93 3.56 5.30
Magnification 0.35X-2.25X Standard
12.64 11.43 17.04 8.85 8.00 11.93 4.43 4.00 5.97 2.95 2.67 3.98 2.21 2.00 2.98 1.97 1.78 2.65
Magnification0.70X-4.50X Optional
6.32 5.71 8.52 4.43 4.00 5.97 2.21 2 2.98 1.48 1.33 1.99 1.11 1.00 1.49 0.98 0.89 1.33

Field of View

Microscope Contrast

Comparision   parameter Optical Stereo Microscope Video Microscope HD Microscope VM500Plus
Optical imageing quality OK Bad Good
Electronic imaging quality X Bad HD
Working Distance Short Short Long W.D 164.43mm
Take picture X Perhaps
Take video X Perhaps
Auto focus X X
Manual focus Frequent Operation Frequent Operation Automatic
Labor cost High High Save Money
Vision protection Bad Not Bad Good
Price Low Cost Low Cost Equal Value
Efficiency Not high Not high High
Evaluation:VM-500Plus   HD microscope save your money,save your time

Client List

Some of Clients List of Video Microscope
Item Model Clients Name
1 VM-500 Nidec Seimitsu Corporation(Dongguan/China)
2 VM-500 ASM Pacific Technology Ltd(Shenzhen/China)
3 VM-500 Vivo(Dongguan/China)
4 VM-500 Israeli Dealers
5 VM-500 Germany Dealers
6 VM-500 Italian Dealers
7 VM-500 Hungarian Dealers
8 VM-500 Korean Dealers
9 VM-500 Canadian Dealers
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